Connecting Clients to Qualified Thermographers

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Welcome to Professional Infrared!

Professional Infrared is the place to find a quality thermographer that services your geographical area. If you are seeking a talented and seasoned infrared professional you have come to the right place. This network was created to provide the industrial / commercial community with the best thermographers ever assembled. This joint effort of independent thermographers is connecting them to customers who need professional infrared service every day.

Our hope is you will explore the website along with listing of Infrared Thermographers. This listing of true professionals takes infrared very seriously. If you are tired of looking for a qualified contractor, we have done the work for you to ensure only qualified infrared contractors are presented to you. Should you contract one of our independent thermographers we are confident your expectations will be met or exceeded.


Infrared Thermographers

Professional Infrared is a trade association representing the thermal imaging industry’s best infrared thermographers. We function as a non for profit infrared thermography association formed with the primary objective of promoting infrared thermography as a professional NDT discipline. With the reduction in equipment prices in the last few years a large number of individuals and companies have entered the field of infrared thermography and it has become harder for industry to identify qualified and experienced infrared thermography service providers. Professional Infrared Network has set the very highest standards for the thermographers listed in our infrared thermography directory. The infrared thermography directory is comprised of experienced Professional Engineers, Level II, and Level III trained professional Thermographers.


Infrared Thermography

All participating infrared thermographers are trained professionals and have sworn to uphold a strict code of ethics. Any infrared thermographers who does not follow the code of ethics will be immediately removed from the infrared thermography network.



Professional Infrared Network offers a promise that: Thermographers Reports provided to customers will be provided in a timely and professional manner. Thermographers Reports shall also be accurate and not misleading in any way. No Thermographer shall misrepresent themselves or make claims of accreditations they do not possess.  In the course of this infrared thermography work your  Thermographer may have access to or be privy to confidential information and or trade secrets. Thermographer must honor the policies and wishes of your customer and protect the integrity and confidentiality of you, the customer and your business.

Disclaimer: "This website is maintained by Professional Infrared Network, Inc., a Texas LLC. The thermographers listed in this website have paid money to participate in this joint marketing effort. These thermographers and the companies they represent have no other contractual relationship with, nor are they agents of Professional Infrared Network, Inc. Professional Infrared Network, Inc. does not oversee the work of the thermographers, and is not responsible for the work they do. Any company that hires an independent infrared contractor from this network, the contract is between said parties and not Professional Infrared Network."

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